Our Story

Sil and Sean's story started in January, 2020.

This southern California native and east coast girl both made their way to Seattle to pursue their career goals, and ended up finding each other on the way.

Sean started moving north from Orange County to Portland, Oregon in 2015. He worked hard to teach himself to code and landed a software engineering role in Seattle in 2018.

Sil got to the PNW in the fall of 2019 after trekking cross country, with the help of friends and family along the way. She moved to Seattle for a grad school program at the University of Washington to continue her career in user experience.

est. 1.9.20

Their first date was on January 9, 2020 over a game of Battleship and a couple of beers. Sil won that game by the way, no matter what Sean says.

Their second date was the next day. And their third date was the day after. They stopped counting after that.

Sil taught Sean how to snowboard and Sean taught Sil how to mountain bike. After finding themselves visiting Bellingham often, they decided to take a leap and move even closer to the Canadian border in the fall of 2021.

In October of last year, Sean surprised Sil (with the help of her friends in Philly) and asked her to marry him!

Earlier this year, they made the decision to put down official roots in this gorgeous top left corner of the country, and purchased their first home with a big backyard for Ellie and Riley.

Here's to our forever adventure!