Hotel Info

Wedding Party Hotel
Heliotrope Hotel

This is an upgraded motel with cute PNW style but limited number of rooms.

Sil & Sean and their wedding party will stay at this hotel on July 4-5 and will be our 'after party' spot. We chose this hotel because we have the opportunity to have the entire spot to ourselves and has space for lawn games and hanging out.

The booking link below includes a 25% discount. There is no minimum night(s) required to stay. The discount is eligible on any of these days: Thursday, July 4th - Sunday, July 7th.

There are only 16 rooms total so book early!

Address: 2419 Elm St, Bellingham, WA 98225

#2 Recommendation
4 Points by Sheraton

Located conveniently between ceremony & reception venues & well priced.

The 4 Points hotel is closest to our home & also is a stop for the BellAir charter bus stop to the Seattle airport so it is very convenient. There are a couple of super markets and other stores in that area.

Potential discount code: Click on SPECIAL RATES dropdown menu. Click on CORP/PROMO CODE and type in W14 to book at the special wedding rate. The rate code is only accepted when they have enough inventory left for a discounted rate booking on your preferred dates.
Additional Options
Hotel Leo

Located in downtown Bellingham, with lots of restaurants and shops within walking distance.  This is the sister Hotel to Heliotrope, if you try to book with Heliotrope and no rooms are available they will likely recommend this to you.
Chrysalis Inn & Spa

Located in Fairhaven, near reception venue. An luxury getaway with expansive views. Note: A train does come past this hotel at night.

Fairhaven Village Inn

Located in Fairhaven, near reception venue. An quaint boutique mom & pop style hotel. Note: A train does come past this hotel at night.

Hotel Bellwether
Located on the water in Bellingham. A romantic hotel with views of the bay. Facilities are quaint but lovely!
Airbnb & Other
We suggest staying in one of the following areas:

1) Fairhaven is a super quaint part of Bellingham, with a little downtown area, shops, and restaurants. Both the reception venue and the Bellingham Amtrak station are in Fairhaven.

2) The ceremony is at our house, in the Alabama Hill neighborhood near Whatcom Falls Park.

3) Downtown Bellingham is very walkable with many restaurants, bars, shops, and a more city-like feel.